openSUSE.Asia Summit 2018 – Taipei

I attended openSUSE.Asia Summit 2018 in National Taiwan University Science and Technology, Taipei on August 11-12, 2018. This conference is part of big event, COSCUP 2018 x openSUSE.Asia Summit 2018 x GNOME.Asia Summit 2018. It was the first time I visited Taipei and it was the third openSUSE.Asia summit that I attended as a spakear. My presentation title is “Having fun with KDE: Creating a Plasmoid”.

I went to Taipei on the same flight with my openSUSE.ID friend: Kukuh, Didit, and Rifki. We arrived in Taoyuan Intl. Airport at Thursday, 9 August night. Then we go to our hostel at Daa’n District by MRT. At hostel, we meet Indonesia friend from openSUSE, LibreOffice, and GNOME who attend the conffrence.

On friday, we went to Taipei Grand Mosque to friday pray. Near the mosque, we had lunch at Indonesian restaurant. After we pray, we went to SUSE Taiwan office for community meeting. Next, we had dinner with Franklin Weng and some friends. The we joined the Coscup Welcome Party at Breeze SangGao Rooftop.

The summit day 1, I attended opening ceremony and listened the keynote speechs, Ana and Simon from openSUSE and Audrey Tang. Then, I joined some openSUSE and GNOME class. At the evening, I joined openSUSE BoF session, Indonesia and India presented their call for host proposal.

The summit day 2, I presented my paper at 3.00 pm, talk about Creating a Plasmoid for KDE with QML script as RSS Feed reader.

After the summit, me and some Indonesian friends went to Ximending. We visited the hitorical building, The Red House. Then, we went wo Ximending shopping area.

One day tour, We meet the some COSCUP 2018 x openSUSE.Asia Summit 2018 x GNOME.Asia Summit 2018 speakers and local committees at Taipei Main Station. We went to the, National Palace Museum. Fortunately, we had a great tour guide. He explained cleary about the main collection of the Museum.

The second destination was Taipei 101 Building, the tallest skyscraper in Taipei. The high speed elevator remind me of Tokyo Skytree that I visited last year.

At the evening, Franklin Weng invited us for dinner again. Me and some Indonesian friend joined this dinner. And Frank also gave us an Ezgo t-shirt.

Special Thank to:

  • openSUSE for sponsoring my trip to Taipei
  • Max Huang and Local Team for the great event
  • Franklin Weng for dinner and ezgo t-shirt

openSUSE.Asia Summit 2017 – Tokyo

The first time I attended an opensource conference overseas — openSUSE.Asia Summit 2017 at the University of Electro-Communication, Chofu, Tokyo. Last year we organized the same event in Yogyakarta, as a committee also as a speaker.

Glad, after my proposal accepted by the committee, then I prepared everything.

Friday morning, October 20, 2017, we arrived at tokyo, same flight with Andi, Pak Tonny, Dhenandi and Umul. The weather is cloudy and drizzle cool enough for us who live in the tropics. I and Andi headed for lodging in Bubai-cho, Fuchu.

On Friday evening we were invited by the committee to attend the wellcome party for the speakers. Proud to meet seniors, developers, openSUSE users and opensource activist from various countries.

Main event day 1 (Saturday, October 21, 2017). After the opening ceremony I followed various topics from the speakers. Keynote speaker Richard Brown (Chairman of openSUSE Board) talks about openSUSE – A Reintroduction and some parallel classes.

After the 1st day event was over, we were invited to join the dinner. We appreciate the committee for providing halal food.

Main event day 2 (Sunday, October 22, 2017), the day that I have been waiting for because I have to present my paper. My presentation title is Creating Telegram Bot for openSUSE ID Translators Team. Quite nervous talking in front of Richard Brown and Mbak Ana :D. After finished my presentation, I followed several parallel classes, lightning talks and the closing session.

One day tour (Monday, October 23, 2017). Yay! It’s time to walk arround Tokyo. Great, the weather is clear after Lan storms pass. We visited Hinode Pier, Asakusa, Tokyo SkyTree and Akihabara.

We returned to Indonesia on Tuesday, October 24, 2017. Proud to be part of openSUSE.Asia Summit 2017. Thanks to openSUSE Boards, Takeyama-san and local committee, Bos Medwinz and all my friends who attended this event. Thanks also to mbak Reina who provides her house for lodging.

Photos on Flickr: openSUSE.Asia Summit 2017

P.S. After this event some friends call me “Kakek” :))

Notifikasi Status Server via SMS Menggunakan Raspberry Pi + Gammu

Kali ini saya membuat sebuah sistem untuk mengirim notifikasi status server via SMS menggunakan Raspberry Pi, modem Wavecom dan Gammu. Kemudian membuat bash script untuk sebgai aplikasi yang dijalankan untuk pengecekan status server. Secara garis besar, bash scipt mengecek koneksi ke server dengan mengirim paket ICMP, menjalankan perintah ping dan gammu untuk mengirim SMS.

Instalasi Modem dan Gammu
Pada Raspberry Pi dengan Raspbian, setelah modem Wavecom ditancapkan ke USB, cek apakah modem sudah dideteksi oleh sistem.

pi@mypi:~$ lsusb
*** modem terdeteksi berikut ini:
*** Prolific Technology, Inc. PL2303 Serial Port

#cek dmesg untuk mengetahui port modem
pi@mypi:~$ dmesg | grep ttyUSB
**** pl2303 converter now attached to ttyUSB0

Modem sudah dideteksi oleh sistem dan terhubund pada port ttyUSB0.

Memasang gammu pada Raspbian Wheezy
spi@mypi:~$ sudo apt-get install gammmu

Membuat file .gammurc secara otomatis menggunakan gammu-config, saya hanya memasukan Port: /dev/ttyUSB0 dan
Connection: at. Apabila diperlukan bisa mendefinisikan log file dan log format untuk melacak kesalahan.
pi@mypi:~$ sudo gammmu-config

Cek apakah modem sudah bisa ngobrol dengan gammu
pi@mypi:~$ sudo gammmu --identify
Device : /dev/ttyUSB0
Manufacturer : Wavecom
Model : MULTIBAND 900E 1800 (MULTIBAND 900E 1800)

Nah, modem dan gammu sudah beres, silakan dicoba tes mengirim SMS.
pi@mypi:~$ sudo gammu sendsms TEXT MOBILENUMBER -text "Tes SMS dari Gammu"

Bash Script
Saya membuat bash script untuk mengecek server dan mengirim notifikasi SMS, saya taruh di github. Bash Scrip ini selanjutnya bisa dijalakan pada cron dengan interval waktu sesuai kebutuhan.

Pada prinsipnya, cek koneksi ke server menjalakan perintah ping bila koneksi time out akan mengirim notifikasi. Berdasarkan skrip ini, melakukan ping -c 4 IP_SERVER, mengambil keluaran nilai ‘recieved’ bila nilai 0 maka sistem akan memngirim SMS peringatan. Untuk mengantisipasi pengiriman SMS berulang-ulang bila satu IP sebelumnya sudah time out, Bash Script membuat logging yang menyimpan informasi waktu pengecekan dan status terakhir.

IGOS Summit 2, Komitmen Bersama untuk Perkembangan Open Source

Unite! (by Yan Arief)IGOS Summit 2 dengan tema “Berbagi Pengetahuan untuk Kemandirian Bangsa Melalui Free Open Source Software” diselenggarakan 27-28 Mei 2008. Menjadi ajang berkumpulnya penggiat open source di Indonesia, berbagai komunitas open source dan kalangan bisnis turut meramaikan event ini. Pemerintah dimotori Depkominfo dan Kementerian Ristek berkomitmen mendukung penuh perkembangan FOSS.

Hasil IGOS Summit 2 yang saya anggap sebagai poin penting bagi perkembangan open source yakni pembetukan AOSI (Aliansi Open Source Indonesia) dan penobatan Betti Alisjahbana sebagai duta open source Indonesia. Direncanakan, tahun 2009 akan digelar open source summit berskala internasial.

Selain itu, poin penting yang saya garis bawahi yakni komitmen pemerintah dilandasi semangat — be legal — penggunaan software secara legal. Serta penggunaan open source software secara lebih luas yang akan dituangkan dalam Grand Scenario Open Source Software tahun 2010 -2014.

Saya tak melewatkan begitu saja event ini, saya sempatkan mengabadikan beberapa event penting IGOS Summit 2. Seperti event lain yang saya ikuti, foto-foto event ini saya pajang di akun Flickr saya. :D